RABQSA-QM, Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001



This course is designed to unravel the mystery surrounding terminology used in the internationally recognised ISO 9001 standards for quality management systems. It explains all the elements in these standards in a way that is easy to understand.


This course will set down the foundations of knowledge upon which participants can base their quality management system. An effective quality management system can be developed only with the full participation and cooperation of all concerned. A system that has been thoroughly discussed and contains contributions from employees will have broad ownership and is more likely to be accepted and implemented than one that is imposed. Cooperation and acceptance comes with knowledge and understanding.


Who should attend?


This course is designed for

  • auditors and lead auditors who are required to conduct internal/external quality audits.
  • people who are responsible for developing and implementing quality management systems based on ISO 9001


What will be achieved?


At the end of the workshop the delegates will be able to demonstrate knowledge competence on:


  • Understanding the application of Quality Management Principles in the context of ISO 9001: 2008
  • Quality terminology
  • Documentation requirements
  • Relating the quality management system to the organisational products, including services and operational processes. Identify processes within the organisations that must be controlled or improved
  • Identify situations that do not conform with the quality management standards


Course Recognition


On successful completion of this course, participants will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Attainment’, covering the competencies of RABQSA-QM Module. This certificate enables successful candidates to apply to RABQSA International or NRBPT for certification as a provisional auditor when combined with competencies gained from either RABQSA-AU or from both RABQSA-AU and RABQSA-TL.


Prerequisites : No prerequisites.


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